Let's Talk.

Today is Bell's Let's Talk day- designed to increase Mental Health awareness. Last week, in a Social Yoga series, we were sharing the kind of charity we would start up if we had the choice. Without a doubt, my vote goes to mental health. As someone who has encountered not one, but two struggles with mental health, I truly believe in creating an environment where we take mental ailments just as seriously as we take physical ailments. 

My first blip with mental health was over 10 years ago as a teenager. READ IT HERE

My second story is a little bit of a touchy subject. As it is more recent, I had been humming and haw'ing about whether or not to share my story as I worried it would damage the "Social Yoga brand". At this point, I now understand that I can't create space for vulnerability if I'm not willing to be vulnerable myself. So, here it goes.

CLICK HERE TO READ IT and if you're interested, have Qs, ever want to chat... well, Let's talk. hello@thesocialyoga.com