Digging Deep with Tin Can Studio

We've been crushing on Tin Can Studio for months now and we couldn't be more excited to be hosting our next Meditation in Tight Spaces in their vintage streamline trailer. This incredible space & project is run by Caroline and Jenny and we were so stoked to dig deep with them for this post. 

(Note: there are still a few spots left for the series that starts this week! Sign up here.)

What is Tin Can Studio and who is behind it? 

Tin Can Studio is a mobile project space housed in a vintage 18ft silver Streamline trailer. It is a multi-functional and fully mobile studio / gallery / event space for weddings, special events & projects, and creative workshops.Our mission is to bring people together to make, build, show and share ideas. We believe in supporting creativity and creative process at any age, as well as fostering fun and memorable experiences! Tin Can is run by artist/facilitators Caroline Ballhorn & Jenny Lee Craig

Where did the idea come from?

The idea for Tin Can Studio came from a chance meeting in between Caroline Ballhorn & artist/designer Brodie Kitchen in their final year at Emily Carr University for Art + Design. Together they wanted to create a space where art and creativity could flourish despite the lack of arts funding and affordable space for artists in Vancouver. After a few years, Brodie Kitchen stepped away from the project and Jenny Lee Craig stepped in.  With still a heavy focus on creativity, we now run the project full time, teaming up with community centres, museums, galleries, other entrepreneurs, festivals - you name it - to do creative activations and other experience based work. 

What has been your top 3  most memorable collaborations/ projects with the studio? 

Tin Can Radio - we turned the trailer into a pirate radio station and rolled about town, inviting DJ’s and their awesome people to come and take over the airwaves!

Creative Publics - this was a recent project we worked on with Gen Why Media and SFU PHD Candidate Tara Mahoney. We went to four SFU campus and invited people to contribute to a public art project about what they vote for. A really fun project that fuses art & political engagement.

Fox & Flourish Workshops - Christina Luo is a super talented calligraphist in Vancouver and we’ve done a few really amazing workshops with her. She always arrives with everything beautifully prepared, and her students learn a ton in her workshops! 

What is your favourite thing about owning & operating the studio?

Freedom! We are mobile and we do so many different things - every day is totally different. We set our own schedules and get to be creative every day! 

Being resourceful! There is tons of problem solving and a unique set of challenges that come with operating a mobile space. We love addressing each of these to redefine and transform our space to meet the needs of each project.

We get to work with great people! All of our clients and partners, and then the public that gets to come experience and participate in our projects are amazing. We get to have eye-opening conversations and support the creative process on the daily - it’s so inspiring!

All images from instagram.com/tincanstudio