No Fun November- wrap up #1

Last month we said no to fun (and no to booze), and yes to yoga with a solid crew of people both in Vancouver and around the world- hello to the gentleman from Texas! While our skin didn't get better nor did we achieve enlightenment, we did manage to save a few dollars, get more work done, and reset our alcohol intolerance- just in time for December parties (can't tell if that's a good thing or not...). Don't believe us on the benefits of snoozing on boozing? Have a read on what others had to say about their experience:

My experience with No Fun November was completely different than I anticipated; it was easy! Drinking was less of a temptation then I expected it to be. I found it easy to socialize with my friends at parties while holding a glass of water, saying no to a drink became fun to see the expression on people's faces and I relived my childhood by only ordering virgin drinks at restaurants. Wow there is a lot of sugar in a Shirley Temple! It was the after that was difficult; I had changed.

No Fun November was perfectly timed for me, I was just starting to work on some personal growth and Anita’s journaling activities have really helped me figure out more things about me I didn’t know, or just forgot. I have been struggling with some confidence issues, which if you know me sounds silly, but it is all internal.

I found meditating very grounding, which helped me give my brain a needed rest to figure out why I didn’t love myself as much.

I coupled No Fun November with acupuncture, some tinctures and colouring. I didn’t do every activity Anita sent us, but it’s nice knowing that I have a few more activities to help me finish 2015.

On day one we wrote out why we were doing this activity and for me it was an easy response – I would like to complete a challenge for myself without falling to peer pressure. And I did, I was able to stay true to myself and no let outside forces affect my decision.

 2016 No Fun November? Challenge accepted!