Thoughts from Therapy- Stiff

Everyone likes a stiff one. Whether it's a drink or something a little less PG, rigidity and strength are traits to be marvelled. 

Those who persist, those who stonewall, are admirable in business and in life. On the other hand, phrases like

"No backbone."

are scorned. 

In yoga, we lament our inability to be flexible. Yet is this any wonder? We huff and puff and soften as best as we can, but when it comes time to roll up our mats, we're back to being our tough shell selves. 

Flexibility is the process of weaving strength and softness and it applies both on a physical level and an emotional level. When we are flexible on our mats, we are opening ourselves to new lengths.  In our day- to- day, it means we are open to grow from the situation at hand.  

Rigidity is our downfall. Just like a rubber band that is too stiff will snap, our inability to flow with life's currents leads to disappointment.

We get so stuck on an idea- on chasing a goal, persisting through pain, or being "right", we take no prisoners even if it means hurting ourselves in the process. 

Be flexible. 

We can be stiff when we're six feet under. Until then, be human.

Breathe, pulsate, and flow. 

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