The Pursuit of APP-YNESS

Technology gets a pretty bad rap these days. It's apparently the reason we're all narcissistic, have short attention spans, and no longer have the skills the communicate with others. While I'm all for analogue, I'd just like to take a moment to acknowledge some of the cool shit that is floating out there in the iWorld (or for you android users- Google Play). While we all have our favourite social media apps, photo editing apps, dating apps, and apps for efficiency, I'd like to introduce you to three apps that are pretty amazing. They may not help you hang an even picture frame or find your friends , but they will help you up your yoga/mindfulness/meditation game. 

1. Memmee

Memmee has a very simple premise- to record what is worth recording today. That can be a photo, a link, or just a few short words but it makes journalling ridiculously easy and convenient. I often use Memmee to make little notes to myself or jot down a few words to work out my feelings in a situation, especially when I'm on the go and my notebook is nowhere to be found. 

(If you aren't down with the aesthetic of the app, there is always Evernote or "Notes".)

2.  Headspace /  A Smiling Mind

Both are great meditation apps and both make meditating a whole lot more accessible. Headspace is a great intro to meditation with their free 10 minutes in 10 days program. They also have an option to get social about meditation with meditation buddies. After which there are options for meditations focusing on everything from creativity to stress release. A Smiling Mind furthers the mindfulness journey by introducing you to different ways to be mindful in everyday life (eating, listening, etc.) and also has shorter meditation and longer meditation options available. 

Bonus: It also comes down to whether you prefer a British accent to an Aussie accent. 

3. On Being

If you, like us, hopped on the Serial train at the end of last year, you may be feeling a gaping hole in your life- we know because we were there too. While there are a whole host of podcasts we could recommend, On Being is one of our favourites as it asks crucial questions to thought leaders- what it means to be human and how can we be of service to ourselves and the world. You can download the app and download the podcasts ahead of time. Think of it like Ted Talks without the high data cost of watching a video on the go. 

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