The Middle of Everywhere- Pt 1

We are so excited to have Taylor as a part of the Social Yoga fam. This gal is a wealth of sage wisdom and a total word alchemist. Below is her first post with us- expect more introspective insight from her and blogposts on this thing we call the human condition.

Before I begin this story, let me preface with the fact that as I write these words I am eating pizza, drinking red wine and sitting in a fuzzy purple bathrobe from Costco. In no way am I an authority on spiritual teachings or any kind of aesthetic monk — I am merely a fellow seeker. 

A seeker…

If you're reading this, you are most likely a seeker too, even if you don't classify yourself as that. Most Yogis are. 

A seeker… is a questioner. A gold-miner of Truth and an explorer of the human experience. 

Seekers want to feel happy, they want to feel joyful, they want to fulfill their potential and maybe even, dare I say… Fulfill their Destiny and purpose here on earth. They have dreams and a thirst to go deeper, fuller and brighter into the blazing day and they constantly wish to refine their selves and explore all the human experience has to offer. 

Hey, maybe none of these things resonate. It’s all good. At least this story might be entertaining because it is about a girl living alone in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere. It seems like exactly what I shouldn't be doing in the years I should be hustlin’ and grindin’ in my early 20's. 

Or is it exactly what I should be doing? 

So the story goes… I had spent the 2014 summer months living out of my car travelling down the California coast, and once I had returned from Los Angeles I knew I needed to begin making the “next-moves” in my life. 

But where to go and what to do?


As my Father likes to remind me, as I am 23 now, I only have around 3000 days until I am 30. This is his way of stressing to me that Time, good ol, Time is the most invaluable resource that we have as human beings.

I get it. 

But the question I can’t stop asking myself is, what is the rush? What is with this race that we are all consciously and unconsciously running? And if I am in a race what does the finish-line even look like? And what am I willing to sacrifice to “win?” Do I even want to win?

“It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?” 
— Henry David Thoreau


So instead of going back to school, or jumping into a career because nothing felt right, I was like, I am going to get really still and quiet. This was when I made the impulse decision to move into a little log cabin outside of the town, Enderby, in the North Okanagan of British Columbia. I had a friend there who owned an art studio and storefront and she enticed me with stories of organic food, creative collaboration, peaceful country roads and vast nature to explore. 

So I did it. 

I told myself that was going to use the winter months to dive into some deep introspection and write. I wanted to write about the questions I have, the thoughts I ponder, the pain I feel, the joy I relish and the rumble, tumble adventures that befell me on the roads of California. If I was going to make a “next-move” I wanted it to be intentional and purposeful, but I couldn't hear myself over the roar of the shoulds and the coulds of our noisey society. 

Once all the noise stopped. 
What would I hear?

Silence. The sound of silence. 

You could say that I lived out of my car, dropped-out of Queen’s University, moved to Vancouver went to art school for a bit, worked for a media company and did all of this because I am seeking. The itch of Life tickles my soul and I know that there is something I am meant to discover.

I once felt that I would discover whatever this was on the mountaintops of Nepal, or perhaps in kneeling on a marble Ashram floor in India, but this little log cabin has given me the greatest lesson of all: 

I was seeking because I am not fully awake 
to what I am already. 

I am seeking because I am not aware of the infinite space, the infinite abundance of Freedom, Love and Truth that dwells within my very chest. I am seeking because I was unaware that the vast sprawling fields in the Middle Of Everywhere, are right-here…

In my Self.


How do you find the door? You can too. From seeker to seeker, I want to help you recognize that in solitude, silence and stillness, lays a magical door to a place that I know every human can go. Whether you are sitting on Commercial Drive reading this post, or on a bus going to Kitsilano, or wherever you may be, you don't need to become a monk. You don't even need to live in a little log cabin. You just need remember how to be still, and how to be silent. 

For my next-post this is what I will be discussing. 

How to be silent and how to be still in a world that is anything but. But I tell you, the greatest and first step of it all is…  

Step 1. Just know the door is there.