5 Poses to do After a Big Night Out

You've stayed in all Winter to hide from the rain and cold, I get it. But now that Spring is officially in full swing and the weather is getting warmer, staying in on a weekend is less tempting than it used to be.  Here are some poses for when you've had one too many Friday-Saturday ragers- because we're not 18 anymore.

Note: These are tried, tested, and hangover-approved. You can literally crawl out of bed and onto the floor and none of these require too much effort. I had the misfortunate of trial-running these a few weeks ago after a full weekend of Birthdays. Lesson learned? Too many Pisces friends.   


What to do: From all fours, weave your right arm underneath your left arm and turn onto your right cheek. Option to take your left arm around your lower back (pictured) to get a stretch across your chest. Take 8 or so breaths here before switching sides. 

Why should I do this: Every yogi knows twists detoxify. This is the first of three lazy twists to get you wringing out all those poor organs that suffered from one too many drinks last night. You can also mellow out in child's pose pretty easily from here and roll your forehead around to ease the thumping headache you quite possibly have. (Note: Forward folds and down dogs are not recommended as you may start to feel a little nauseous.) 


What to do: Come to kneel, tuck your toes, and sit on your heels. Take your left hand across your body resting gently on your right thigh or knee. Take your right hand to your right heel. A very gentle tug as you left your spine up and look overtop of your right shoulder. 8 breaths before switching sides. 

Why should I do this: Tucking your toes helps to stretch out your arches and feet from wearing uncomfortable shoes. Again, twists to detoxify. 


What to do: Lying on your back (yay!), bend your knees and let your legs fall over to the right as you shift your hips to the left. Arms can come out wide into a capital T shape or cactus arms. 8-10 breaths before switching sides. 

Why should I do this: A very... shall we call it.. accessible twist at this point in your morning. It's also an opportunity to stretch out your lower back and chest which may be feeling tight from a night of dancing and standing around. 


What to do: Lying on your back, hug your knees in towards your chest. Option to take the big toes together and the knees wide (framing your rib cage). Think of sending your tailbone to the front of the mat- lengthening out your lower back. Another option is to rock gently from side to side, massaging out the lower back. 8-10 breaths 

Why should I do this: Gentle way to lengthen and massage  the lower back which may be feeling sore from standing and dancing all night. When the knees are apart, it can also act as a very gentle stretch for the inner thighs depending on how tight you're feeling. When the knees are together, this pose  helps to ease digestion for the times you've had one too many 2AM grilled cheese and/ or nuggets. 


What to do: Lie on your back, take your hands on top of your belly and focus on your breath. However many breaths you want (we recommend 8-10 at least) 

Why should I do this: No amount of coffee, pancakes and bacon, or gatorade will help you ease the discomfort. However, focusing on your breath acts as both a grounding and a bit of a distraction from the sensations you're feeling. Once you've tapped into your breath, you can start exploring the sensations- pounding head, queasy stomach, etc. Word on the street is that when you focus on pain and pair it with a steady breath meditation, it can help (link) Worse comes to worse, you can always go back to bed and hope for the best.