Cool Spaces- Shaper Studio Vancouver

We first heard about Shaper Studio Vancouver through our pals at the Lululemon Lab. Shapers' Vancouver held their launch at the lab and since then, we've been following along via Insta. When Nate reached out about hosting a series in their space, we were quick to jump on it. If you haven't heard of these guys before, have a read below for a quick 101:


What is Shaper Studio Vancouver & What do you guys do?

Shaper Studios is a surfboard building workshop + creative space where anyone can come and learn to make their own custom surfboard. We aim to teach people the fundamentals of shaping and glassing a surfboard. From high performance shortboards to the biggest longboards, our knowledgeable shapers / glassers take students from a - z. 

What got you into shaping?

Surfing, obvs. But next to that, for me it was the drive to learn something brand new. After my first, i was hooked. Always chasing the perfect board, kind of like the illusive perfect wave.

What is the best part about surfing something you've shaped yourself? 

No bad days. It can be shitty and windy and stormy but i'll still have 10 times the fun. 

What is your favourite part about owning the studio?

I love meeting all the stoked surfers in Vancouver. The community has really come together to support us. Besides that, teaching a shaping lessons has always been more fulfilling than shaping for joe shmos. Everyone has a little shaper in them, it's our job to find it and bring it out. Oh and never having to buy a surfboard again, that's pretty rad.