Digging Deep with Christina from Fox and Flourish

As a lead up to our Social Yoga Getaway next month, we are highlighting all of the stellar people who will be hosting exclusive workshops that weekend. Today we have Christina from Fox and Flourish

What is your area of expertise?

I’m a calligrapher and designer at Fox and Flourish, a little creative studio celebrating all things modern and minimal. We host beginners calligraphy workshops all around Vancouver (much like Social Yoga) and I’m so excited to be teaching one at the retreat! In addition to posture, exercises, and modern letterforms, there will be a focus on the slow + meditative element of practising penmanship. Each student will receive their very own hand-picked calligraphy starter kit.

When did you know it was love?

The first time I dipped my pen into a vial of black ink, I knew I was a goner. The following few years of obsessive paper-wasting solidified that thought!

Your favourite thing about what you do:

As soon as someone begins their practice in modern calligraphy, their unique handwriting style shows right away - in the size, slope, and shape of the forms. It’s incredible to me how something as controlled as cursive letters can take on a different life based on who is holding the pen.

One thing people don't usually know about what you do:

We don’t just do weddings! I have a huge array of projects from designing logos and branding, to chalkboard art/signage, and even tattoo designs (which are my favourite).

If you really knew me, you would know...

I can lick my elbow.