Digging Deep with Kristin from Flour Water Salt

As a lead up to our Social Yoga Getaway next month, we are highlighting all of the stellar people who will be hosting exclusive workshops that weekend. Today we have Kristin from Flour Water Salt

What is your area of expertise? 

My area of expertise is the art of traditional sourdough bread making.  Over the course of 2 days you will experience the basics of how to create artisan sourdough in your own home - from simply organic flour + water + salt.  This old fashioned technique uses the principles of fermentation to achieve the rise, texture, flavour, and nutritional benefits unique to sourdough bread.  You will leave the workshop with a feel for how to mix, knead, fold, shape and bake beautiful, rustic sourdough loaves customized to your taste. 


When did you know it was love? 

The first time I made the bread, I was at a small farm in the Tuscan hillside of Italy accompanied by 6 other people (all from different places around the world).  The loaf took 5 hours of prep time and then proofed overnight.  The day was long and amazing, by the end I was exhausted and had 6 new friends.  I loved the experience.  However, the following morning we baked our loaves.  In the moment I took my first bite I knew there was no going back.  Bread has never been the same since. 

What is your favourite thing about what you do? 

My favourite thing about the trade is sharing my loaves.  After making a batch, I love bundling the warm loaves up in a small piece of cloth and hand-delivering them to my neighbours, friends, family.  There is nothing like the warm fuzzy feeling of seeing loved ones faces light up when they open the door to a surprise delivery and a friendly hug.    

What is one thing people don't usually know about what you do? 

One thing people don’t usually know about what I do is that I grind some of the flour just moments before use.  This intensifies both the aroma and flavour of the bread.   

If you really knew me, you would know...

-that I am terrible with all forms of electronic communication (text, email, social media, etc) & dislike small chat, but absolutely love engaging in warm heart-to-heart conversation in person.

Note: all photos from Flour Water Salt via The Nickersons.