What Emojis Taught Me About Change

A few months ago, the new emojis came out and I had to have them. Not a problem for most people but for me, it meant updating my phone, not once, but twice. (I know, archaic.)


One thing lots of people don’t know about me is my huge aversion to change. You know the people who just have to have the latest social media app or iphone? The early adopters? Yup- not me. I’m always worried that the update will mess with my current experience in a negative way (learning curves, favourite things disappearing, etc.)


And while some of you reading this may be thinking- that’s a good thing Anita. Consumerism sucks anyway. Let me tell you that just like everything, balance is key.


After updating my phone for the second time, I was totally weirded out. The font changed, things were moved around, and suddenly I had these apps I didn’t want like “Find my Friends”. (No thanks, I’m not a stalker.) I must have expressed this mild abhorrence aloud because the person I was with at the time cheekily scolded me by saying

“Well, if you made small updates more regularly, it wouldn’t feel like such a big change.”




How often do we cling to things that are well past their due date? Stale jobs, stale patterns, stale relationships and stale thoughts- all things that could use a clean sweep every so often (or at least an update/ a check in) to make space for possibility.

Instead, we hold on until they go from stale to dead and when we finally make the leap, it feels like a quantum one.

So what’s the lesson here?

1.    Check in with yourself regularly- is there anything that isn’t working? If so, what is something small but significant that you can do to make it work?

2.    Update your phone regularly.

3.    Get the new emojis- they’re life changing.